Hickory Inn Cafe

Route 66 and US Hwy 385
Vega, Texas
Phone: 806-267-2569
Owners: Jeff Pitman Family
Specialties: Home Cooking Lunch specials, ample portions, steaks


Vega Truck Stop

I-40 & Hwy 385
Vega, TX 79092
Phone: 806.267.2325
Hours: 7 Days a Week from 6:00 am -11:00 pm
Specialties: Fried Chicken, Burgers, and more


Lucy's Kitchen

Highway 385, 604 South Main
Vega, TX 79092
Phone: 806.269.0058
Hours: M-F: 6:00-2:00
Specialties: Burritoes, Green Chili Burgers, BBQ, and more


Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop

305 Old Route 66
Box 65
Adrian, Texas
Toll free: 866-538-6380
Specialties: Great hamburgers, home made pies and More


Roosters Mexican Restaurant

1300 Vega Blvd
Vega, TX 79092
Phone: 806.267.0113
Specialties: Chili Rellenos, Mexican Stir Fry, Enchiladas and more


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