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Boys Ranch, TX

Welcome to Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

Old Tascosa-Once the Cowboy Capital of the Plains

North of Vega on US Highway 385, Boys Ranch has a rich history. Casimiro Romero, originally from Spain, brought his family from New Mexico in 1876 to this Canadian River site that had once been populated with Indians. Other families followed in 1877 to form the town of Tascosa, named for Atascosa meaning, "boggy creek."

The colorful history of Old Tascosa (Now the site of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch) includes legends of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Bat Masterson and Frenchy McCormick. Somewhat of a legend, the famed dance hall girl Frenchie McCormick, was devoted to her husband Mickey. Even after Tascosa became a ghost town, Frenchie remained there determined to stay "by her Mick" who was buried there. She stayed in Tascosa until 1939, when she was "coerced" to move to Channing, Texas to live with friends. Frenchie died in 1941 and was laid to rest beside her beloved husband. The first known “cowboy strike”ended in gunfire, with some of the participants buried at Boot Hill Cemetery, so named because many of the men died with their boots on. Located on a hill overlooking Boys Ranch, the famous cemetery is open to visitors.

Tascosa was once a booming cow town and Oldham County seat in 1881 when the county was formed. The town grew to 600 people in a time when the entire population of the entire Texas Panhandle was only 1,067. However, when the railroad failed to come through Tascosa and fenced ranches cut it off from commerce, it declined in population becoming a near ghost town. The county seat was moved to Vega in 1915.

Today, Tascosa is synonymous with Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch located 25 miles north of Vega on US Highway 385. Cal Farley, an Amarillo businessman and world welterweight wrestling champion of the 1920's, established Boys Ranch in 1939 to help troubled boys who needed a "second chance for success." Local rancher Julian Bivins helped Mr. Farley realize his dream by donating 120 acres of land which once occupied the former wild west town of Old Tascoas and the 1st Oldham County Courthouse, now the Julian Bivins Museum. Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is a nationally known home for boys and girls who benefit from guidance and education in a ranch setting. Guests are welcome to visit the Boys Ranch campus, and while there, stop in for tours at Old Tascosa's remaining sites - Boot Hill Cemetery and the Julian Bivins Museum which is housed in the original Oldham County courthouse. Boys Ranch is a modern campus and Christ-centered community where more than 250 boys and girls live and are educated in a nurturing, structured environment. You can join the children for a meal and enjoy more information, souveniers, and a snack at the Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Gift Shop and Snack Bar.

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